i have been telling myself for a good many — well — YEARS really that i want to start up a blog. why? i’m not sure other than i have always been what one may call an avid journal writer. that is, up until the past year or so. i took the time to look back upon those journals and realized something – i had not been honest with myself. that’s a scary thought. SO, that leaves me with this undeniable urge to fully purge (ha! that rhymes!) my thoughts. lest you think i have all these negative thinks in my brain, i must inform you that is simply not the case. more that i find i can fully express myself in the written word and things that are swimming laps around my brain can finally be laid to rest if they are communicated or even divulged into writing.

mull over….relevance? yes, there is some. those who know me know that i tend to over think things. to an extreme. i don’t often make impulse decisions when it comes to life choices. i am a list maker, a researcher, one who is always looking to come up with every possible scenario so i can be as prepared as possible. the “mama” reference comes from my new-found loves. i have four. my fiance and his three boys have turned my life into a whirlwind of activity and since then i have aptly been named Mama Bear. i’m sure that has nothing to do with my constant worry about the boys and concern to make sure they are being taken care of all the time :). regardless, this so-called mama is appropriately nicknaming herself to include her “mulling-over” tendencies.


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